Monday, January 7, 2013

Gender Reveal Party

I have baby on the brain these days.  My sister in law is pregnant with her first, and our first nephew.  We're so excited for her and her husband and can't wait to share in all the joys and adventures of parenthood.  For those of you parenting boys, you know what I mean about adventures.

Back in November, they invited family and friends to share in a Gender Reveal Party.  They wanted to be surprised along with all of us so the ultrasound tech sealed the results and the envelope was delivered to the baker.  What would the baby be?  They'd have to wait!

This couple is huge about hosting people in their home and no detail was ignored.  This party was so much fun, in fact, I couldn't wait to share it with you.

They had a chalkboard frame set up at the front door.  Later, my sister in law added the words:
Team Pink or Team Blue: Which One are You?

As guests arrived, they were invited to write their name under their prediction and pick up a pin symbolizing what they thought the gender would be.  For months, I've said girl just to bug my brother in law, but finally settled on boy at the party.


There were huge bunches of balloons all over the house.
I just love balloons.
They feel so festive!


They hung ultrasound pictures in a banner on the mantel.
I thought this was especially cute.
What a fun way to decorate and add to the excitement!

My brother in law loves to entertain and set out an incredible spread of food.

There's my kiddos, each proudly displaying what they think the baby will be.


What's inside?

My mother in law and other sister in law with Mama to Be in the middle

Mom and Dad to Be getting ready to find out the gender of their baby


I love this one.
It's a Boy!


No mistaking the color of the cake.
The family is growing by another boy!

Mom and Dad to Be excited to add a little boy to the family!

All in all, the party was a huge success.  We had a great time eating, laughing, predicting, and sharing as we eagerly anticipate the arrival of this new little one.

Congratulations, Matt and Jessica!

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Kelly said...

Very cute! We like to be surprised at the birth, but this is a fun way to go as well!

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