Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2013 Goals

For the past four years, I've been setting goals here at Creative2xmom.  In 2010, it started out as Nutritional Goals.  I wanted to start changing the way my family ate, including more fish, sprouting grains, and learning about sourdough.

In 2011 and 2012, I saw the success of previous years' goals and couldn't help but make more.  Over the years, you've seen me tackle organic budgeting, work on monthly dates with my kids, and manage my blogging schedule better.

So as we enter 2013, I've been so encouraged by progress (not perfection).  And I'm anxious to see what the new year holds.  Here's my goals for 2013:

Read 24 books
Tackle 12 DIY Projects
Memorize Colossians

Go away at least once this year without kids
Read 3 books together
Have monthly date nights
Flirt with my husband every day

Plan monthly field trips
Plan monthly outings with each individual child
Swim lessons for all three kids
Karate, Little League, and Dance with kids
Finish second grade/begin third grade with Noah
Finish preschool/begin kindergarten with Lydia
Read at least 12 chapter books with kids
Find a homeschool group
Memorize 12 Scriptures with the kids

Health and Wellness:
Eat one seafood dish a week
Exercise 4x/week
Complete couch to 5K
Compete in at least one 5K

Write at least 2 cards a month
Plan blog posts a month in advance
Write blog posts 1-2 weeks in advance
Open up our home 1-2x a month to share a meal

What Goals are Your Pursuing this Year?

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