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Disneyland's Fantasyland: Ride by Ride

We love Disneyland.  So while we were there this last April, I tried to take some extra notes for you guys.  I wanted to come back with some of Our Top Do's and Don'ts  for all things Disney.  You've already seen my review on Aladdin at the Hyperion and why you can't miss it.   Seriously!  Go see it!

Anyways... on to Fantasyland!  Love Fantasyland!  But if you think it's all children's play, keep reading...

* Mr. Toad's Wild Ride--This is a fun ride... for adults.  Mr. Toad crashes his car and goes to hell.  Really, it's so ironic and funny, but would absolutely scare my children to death.  This one's for the older kids.

* Peter Pan's Flight-- This is a fun ride.  Short, but enjoyable.  However, the line for this one gets really long.  Go first thing in the morning or you could be waiting for up to a hour.

* Sleeping Beauty's Castle--Walk through the castle and turn to the left.  Tucked in the corner, you'll find the entrance to the walk through.  As you go through the castle, you'll find vignettes that tell the story of Sleeping Beauty and her happily ever after.

* Snow White Scary Adventures--This one usually has a shorter line.  We made the mistake of taking our three year old on this one and he couldn't get on another indoor ride for two days.  Older kids are ok.  Below 6 years, take a pass on Snow White.

* Pinocchio's Daring Journey--Very similar to Snow White.  All the scary parts of the story and none of the light-hearted parts.  Skip it with the little ones.

* King Aurthur's Carousel--Fast line and everyone loves a carousel. The horses are all colorful and unique.  And the experience is magical.  You have to ride the carousel.

* Casey Jr's Circus Train--This is a fun ride to relax on when your feet get tired.  But there's only one train so be prepared for a wait.  Last time we rode in the monkey cage. Hilarious!

* Storybook Land Canal Boats--Board a boat and travel through storybook land.  My kids love it with all the miniature houses and castles, seeing where their favorite characters live.  The line can be long on this one so go after the parade when it re-opens.

* Dumbo the Flying Elephant--Long lines, but it goes quickly because so many can get on at once.  This is always on our Must Do List.  Your child even gets to control how high Dumbo flies.

* Alice in Wonderland--Fun and not scary.  The queen is more comical than frightening.  Line moves average and it's a lot of fun.

* The Mad Hatter's Tea Party--Fast line and so much fun.  The whole place is light up with lanterns at night and colors just pop.  We ride this one again and again.  It's been my son's favorite since he was three and still loves it at 6 years old.

* It's a Small World--Back on a boat and travel through Small World for approx 15 minutes in air conditioning.  This is a great one for when you need to rest your feet and cool off.  Kids love this one and with the update, classic Disney characters have been added to the decor.  I hear this one is especially nice at Christmas.

* Matterhorn Bobsleds--This one's my favorite.  It's a classic roller coaster ride.  Kids under 7 years must be accompanied by an adult and the ride is jerky.  But it's a roller coaster without being too high or too fast.  And you get to see the Abominable snowman at the top.  Tons of fun!


*Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique--This is every little's girls fantasy.  Choosing between 3 styles, little girls will be transformed with hair, makeup and nails.  And for an additional cost, princess dresses are available as well.  Pricey.  Make this a once in lifetime event.  And make an appointment.

* Meet Rapunzel--This line was the longest one I stood in.  But Rapunzel is my daughter's dream.  Be prepared for a long wait.  We picked up lunch and ate while we waited.

* Snow White's Wishing Well--On the right side of the castle, you'll find Snow White's Wishing Well.  It's a peaceful spot and leaning over the well, you can even hear Snow White singing.  This is a great spot to catch Snow White herself as well.

That's the breakdown of Fantasyland.  Some great spots for kids, and some really fun rides for adults as well.  My favorites: Mad Hatter's Tea Party and Matterhorn Bobsleds.  The whole family can ride both of these and they're fun for everyone.

Stay tuned for more Disney updates.  And leave me a comment if you have any questions.  I'll get back to you as soon as I can.  :-)

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Amy said...

wow a fun time at Disney Land. We did Disney World a year ago and it was a fun time.. Have a great night..

Stacey said...

Great breakdown of Fantasy Land! I think some of that stuff was closed the last time we went. I LOVE Disneyland and can't wait to experience it with our kiddos!

Brooke @ Inside-Out Design said...

Great list of rides! Makes me want to take the kids to Disney soon!

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