Thursday, April 28, 2011

Royal Wedding Gift Guide for Dummies

While I'm pressing my dress and sprucing up my hat, I realize that I have yet to purchase a wedding gift for the most celebrated wedding of the century.  In case you've haven't heard, Prince William is finally going to make Kate Middleton his wife.  Although I'm not sure how you couldn't know about it.  I've been at my mom's this week and all TLC is showing is re-runs of the same five shows on the Royal Family.  Blah, blah, blah... Sorry William and Kate, but there's only so much I can take.  How would you like to see re-runs of my family played over and over and over again?  Boring!

Anyways... I do still need to pick up a gift.  Just in case anyone else finds themselves in the same predicament, here's a quick list of the hottest wedding gifts for the happy couple:


1. Fancy hat collection--Kate will be expected to keep up with the fashion sense of future mother-in-law, Camilla Parker Bowles.  A replica of this hat will go a long way in getting her started.

2. Royal family tree--Have you seen this guest list?  Who can keep them all straight?  That's one crazy looking family tree.  Kate's certainly going to need a cheat sheet.

3. Driver glasses--Who can forget the horrific crash that took Princess Diana's (William's mother) life?  One of the cited causes for the crash was the relentless paparazzi.  For this young couple, let's all chip in and buy their driver a new pair of sunglasses.  Heck, we can scrap together enough for glasses for William and Kate as well.

4. Disposable camera--Because we know there's just won't be enough photos of this wedding.

5. Royal Fruit Sparklers--Originally dubbed 4th of July Fruit Sparklers, these are sure to be the hit of the buffet line.  The entire royal palace will be raving about them.

6. Princess Paper Dolls--Kate definitely needs a set of these Paper Dolls (@ Living Locurto).  This way she can relive her wedding day over and over again.
7. Umbrellas--That's a lovely coach, but with rain in the forecast, I'd suggest a pair of these. 
What do you think of my color choice?

8. A copy of Enchanted, Princess Diaries, Cinderella, etc--After all it's not everyday a commoner becomes a princess.

9. A bottle of Tylenol--With Prince Harry throwing the bachelor party, William is sure to need a few for his early morning ceremony.

10. Vaseline-- With that procession through London, both William and Kate will need a little Vaseline on their teeth to keep them smiling.  Ouch.  My face hurts just thinking about it.

So if you've already done your shopping, good for you.  But if you're having a hard time finding the perfect gift for the royal wedding, hope you find this list helpful.  I'm off to go hat shopping!

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thepsychobabble said...

Excellent gift ideas, although I think my favorite is the Vaseline.

Suzie Homemaker said...

I agree...Vasoline is my favorite! LOL!

Tara said...

Great Gift ideas!
I can be sure to get them something now!

Jessica said...

The Royal family tree would be helpful. Seeing them open Vaseline would be priceless.

Stephanie said...

Great list! I would love to see one of them pull out a disposable camera on the balcony for a shot of the crowd.

Teresa said...

Fabulous the umbrellas!

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