Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Tackle it Tuesday-- in the kitchen

Big Boy and I will be trying to spend quite a bit of time at home this week, hoping to make some progress on this potty training business. He's been using the potty forever, but just at his own convenience. So we'll be more home bound this week, hopefully with good results. However, I've still got a couple of projects that need attention.

We've been attempting to make our own granola bars (with good results) and I'll probably be making another batch of either the recipe we've tried or a new one. Also I really need to get some baby food made for Baby Girl. Poor thing hasn't ventured far beyond rice cereal so I'll be working on making peas today.

Other than that, we have things to put away from our weekend away. I have blogging to catch up on and the house needs to be put back together. There are a few phone calls to be made and emails to be sent. And always dishes to be done.


Karen said...

Good luck with the potty training. Yummm on the granola bars! Here is mine.

happyathome said...

Potty training.. I am just in the midst of this task. When you have that granola bar recipe, I would love it! For Tackle it Tuesday, am working on my craft/knitting area because I am a yarn junkie! I think if I organize it, I can curb the addiction of buying more yarn. Stop by sometime, we can exchange potty training stories.

Jessie said...

Good luck with the potty training...my heart goes out to you!

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