Monday, April 21, 2008

Menu Monday

My mouth is watering. I'm hungry just thinking about it... Yummy!

at Mom's
Leftover Tortellini Spinach salad for dinner

Yogurt and banana, milk
Tuna sandwich for me, Peanut butter and jelly for son, carrots, juice
Potluck: Taco Ring or Tuna spirals

Cottage cheese, berries, milk
Peanut butter and jelly, fruit, juice
Beef Stew, salad, bread

Hot cereal, banana, milk
Sandwiches, salad, juice
Pea soup, bread

Yogurt and fruit, milk
Leftovers, juice
Taco salad

Pancakes, milk
Leftovers, juice
Tortilla soup, bread

Freezer pancakes, milk
Sandwiches and salad, juice
Crockpot chimichangas, spanish rice

Meal Plan Monday is hosted by Organizing Junkie. Check it out for more ideas:


Laura said...

Everything sounds great!! Crockpot chimichangas...THAT sounds interesting and DELICIOUS!

Nicole said...

Great menu! How do you make the crockpot chimichangas? I've just started using my crockpot and am in love. lol

Lee said...

The crockpot chimichangas comes from the link on the left titled Crockpot 365. I haven't tried it yet, but can't wait to this week.

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