Thursday, April 24, 2008

Around the Home Thursday

Budgeting has been on my mind a lot lately.  But so has creativity.  I think that's why I most enjoy being frugal.  For the creativity of it.
Sure there are times I'd love to go out and BUY something, some times anything.  But learning to stretch a tight food budget or looking for new says to "spoil" someone tends to bring out the creativity in me.  And that's fun.
So here are just a few of my favorite little "gifts" specifically geared toward grandparents:
  • Altered photo frame: I took a simple inexpensive wooden frame and covered it with patterned paper.   Embellish it and fill it with a cute photo of the kids.
  • Burn a CD of your favorite photos of the kids.
  • Make a paper bag album.  We titled our "Nana and Papa's Brag Book.  Each page had predesigned layouts for them to fill later.
  • Family calendars with photos of kids and grandkids.
  • Altered recipe card holder.  Have hubby cut a slit in the top of a basic wooden rolling pin the size of a 3 x 5 index card and cover with pretty patterned paper.  You can often find these at the dollar store.
  • Seeds started during a science project with your kids.
  • Any clothing item made with this art project:
  • Pinecone wreaths made from items collected during the kids' nature walks.
  • Framed family photos.  One year we got all the kids and grandkids together and took a photo.  Had it framed and wrapped with all our signatures on the matting.
  • Bake, can, and cook with your kids.  Make layered mixes of your favorite dishes for them to enjoy at home.

Whatever you decide to do, make sure it's fun and comes from the heart.  Grandparents love things that the kids were involved in.  Ask your kids for ideas and see what they come up with.  They just might surprise you.  And above all else, see where your creativity takes you.   

For more money saving tips, check out:


The Happy Housewife said...

These are all great ideas! Thanks for sharing them.

Liisa said...

These are great ideas - I especially like the frame!


Ellen said...

I'm always in need of new ideas. At Christmas my kids usually make Christmas decorations and tree ornaments and send them to the grandparents.

woogiebop said...

Congratulations, won my Ali Edwards Bloggy Giveaway over at! Please send me your mailing address and email address using the "Contact Info" link on the left side of my blog so I can ship this book right out to you. Congrats again and thanks for playing along!

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