Thursday, April 3, 2008

Around the Home Thursday--Chores

Here are some great chore ideas to get your toddler to help around the house.

1. Feeding the household pet: My 2.5 yr old son feeds the cat every night.  He loves it.  I help him open the rubbermaid container, but he scoops out the food, runs it to the pet bowl, and brings back the scoop.  On evenings that I just want us to go to bed, he sure to remind me that he still needs to feed Annie.
2. Watering the plants: This one's easy.  What 2 year old doesn't love water?  My little guy loves to water the plants.  And why stop there?  We've planted tulips outside our front door as well. Gardening is definately a favorite for him.

3. Picking up toys/clothes: This is a big one for me.  If he's going to have all these toys, it's about time he starts picking up.  I can't possibly manage it all by myself.  And why should I? Toddlers are easily old enough to learn about picking up after themselves.  And it's never too young to learn personal responsibility.

4. Sweeping: Yes, you may have to follow along after them, but they'll get some of it done for you.

5. Clearing the table: There are certain elements that you must be careful with (china, knives, etc).  However, toddlers can clear cups, plates, silverware, and napkins.  My toddler loves to help in the kitchen and clearing the table is simply an extension of that.  

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TX Poppet said...

If only that enthusiasm stayed with them during the teen years!

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