Monday, January 30, 2017

February Holidays and Homeschool Ideas

Looking for ways to add some fun to your homeschool?  Here are just a few of the holidays and fun days you can celebrate this month:

2. Groundhog Day
*Make these cute cupcakes for snack.
*Watch the news to see if Phil see's his shadow.
*Read a groundhog book and make a stick puppet.

5. Nutella Day
*"Bake" our favorite: nutella cheesecake.

6. Doodle Day
*Show competency with a drawing.
*Create some fingerprint art with doodles.

8. Boy Scout Day
*Take a nature walk and identify native plants.
*Plan a community service project.
*Start a camping pinterest board.

12. Abraham Lincoln's Birthday
*Make an Abraham Lincoln mask.
*Create a log cabin snack.

14. Valentine's Day
*Make a special breakfast.
*Sew felt cookies.
*Invite friends to decorate Valentines.

16. Almond Day
*Make Sea Salt Dark Chocolate Almond Clusters.
*Learn about sprouting nuts and seeds.

17. Random Acts of Kindness Day
*Take the 26 Intentional Acts of Kindness Challenge.

20. Love your Pet Day
*Research a new family pet.
*Shop for a new treat on a budget.
*Write a paragraph about an interesting fact about your pet.
*Read to your pet.

22. George Washington's Birthday
*Complete a George Washington crossword puzzle.
*Read a Who Was George Washington? book.

26. Tell a Fairytale Day
*Make over a fairy tale with an alternative ending.
*Compare/contrast two versions of a favorite fairy tale.
*Write a letter to your favorite fairy tale character.

27. Strawberry Day
*Freeze some healthy Strawberry Frozen Yogurt.

What days are you celebrating this month?

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