Thursday, January 7, 2010

Felt Food Tutorial: Popsicles and Cookies

As many of you know, I made a huge batch of felt food for Baby Girl's 2nd Birthday in December. It was truly a labor of love. Being a beginning seamstress (and I use that term loosely), it often times seemed like a never ending project.

But I got it done. And you know what else? I really actually enjoyed doing it too.

And it's getting tons of use too. Practically from the time it was opened, both Baby Girl and Big Boy have been playing kitchen non-stop. It didn't hurt that my Grandma bought the kids a play kitchen for Christmas as well. So it's playing right into their pretend world right now.

I love it! I'm eating peanut butter and cheese sandwiches, pancakes stuffed into a pot, and raviolis out of tea cups. So much fun. I think it's about as much fun for me as it is for the kids.

And the added bonus: Mommy actually gets a few minutes to herself in the mornings. Kids get so wrapped up in their pretend world and Mommy gets a few minutes to read or clean the kitchen or ... breathe...

But I'm off topic.

This post is to share with you the last two pieces of the felt food gift: popsicles and cookies. Yum!

For the popsicles, I used this pattern. It was so easy. And an added bonus, I was able to use scraps of felt I had left over. So I ended up with two pink popsicles, one yellow and one orange.

Simply cut out two pieces of felt in the same color using the pattern. Stitch up three sides, leaving the bottom open. Turn your pieces inside out and stuff with batting. Slide your popsicle stick in and position it in the middle. Finally stitch up the bottom. Don't worry. This won't kill your sewing machine. Just take it slow.

When you stitch over the stick, be sure to hold the popsicle steady with the other hand. Your machine will stall a little. You won't kill it, but it will hesitate a little.

There you have it. Only thing I didn't factor in: My kids fight over the pink popsicles. For some reason, those pink popsicles were a hit. And we've noticed the same phenomenon when we have friends over. So you may want to make all of yours the same color. Just a word of warning!

The last piece of the puzzle were these cookies. So cute! I could hardly stand to stop making them. Cut two circles the same size in the same color. I actually used the bottom of a Yankee Candle to make the size cookie I wanted.

Take the top cookie and start hand stitching your sprinkles. I used pink embroidery floss to make these. You could also add seed beads, but I wouldn't suggest it for small children. Keep stitch as small, tight, and as many as you want. I've seen all kinds of stitches on the internet, but I wanted mine small and close together. They just seemed more realistic to me.

Finally, stitch around your cookies, being sure to add stuffing before finishing it off.

Aren't they cute? I love 'em. And they look really cute served on a little Disney Princess tea plate.

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Coupon Teacher said...

Very cute. I wish I knew how to sew. It is on my list of things to learn! I would love to have you link up for Thrifty Thursday.

Holly said...

so cute! i really need to do this!

Michelle said...

seems like something even i could make..where to buy felt for cheap?

Anonymous said...

I especially love these because they are QUIET. And sometimes I just need a little of that :)

~Sara said...

These look great! I got a hand me down sewing machine from my step-mother and I am dying to learn how to use it. I just need to find the time.

These make me want to learn sooner than later, I love them. Great job.

Lee said...

Trust me. Do not be intimidated by these. I'm am a newbie when it comes to sewing and even I can do it. So easy!

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