Friday, January 15, 2016

10 Baby Steps for Loosing Weight

Loosing weight can be a daunting battle.  It's so easy to feel overwhelmed before you even get started.  Everyone says, "Don't diet; make a lifestyle change."  But what does that mean?  How do you begin to change your life?  Where do you start?  These are 10 Baby Steps in Loosing Weight and making that lifestyle change easier:

1. Drink more water--Often times, our bodies will mistake thirst for hunger. Have a glass of water.  Water gets your metabolism going, quenches your thirst, and fills you up.  Drink your water.  Start with 64 oz/day and work up to a gallon.  And it's great for your hair and skin.

2. Eat a variety of fruits and veggies--So you don't like cauliflower?  Neither do I.  What can you add to your diet instead?  Experiment with new fruits and vegetables, in lots of new ways.  You don't have to just eat them raw, although you may find you prefer them that way.  Trying new varieties will help you get the nutrients your body needs and keep your tastebuds from getting bored.

3. Eat every couple of hours--I make the worst choices when I'm starving.  So try eating every couple of hours as you feel hungry.  Set your watch for every 2-3 hours to remind you at first.  This will also help regulate your metabolism to keep it burning all day.

4. Wait between servings--Have you heard the old advice "Chew slowly and let your stomach catch up?"  Often times, we eat too quickly and rush to have a second helping without checking in with our stomaches to see if we're still hungry.  You may still want a second helping or even a smaller second helping, but check in with your body before automatically refilling your plate.

5. Turn off the TV--Give your body some downtime in the evenings.  I love catching up on Netflix just as much as everyone else, but my body needs to wind down and recognize the coming of night.  Try to turn off the TV just a little earlier and read a book before bed.  You'll find yourself less likely to mindlessly munch and falling asleep easier.

6. Go to bed at a reasonable hour--Your body needs rest to reset for the next day.  Sleep repairs your body and actually allows your brain to process everything you've learned and experienced throughout the day.  It also helps regulate your metabolism.

7. Avoid added sugars--Avoid added sugars in your diet.  Start by being mindful of how much sugar is in your coffee or how much soda you consume in a week.  Then carefully read labels of food that you commonly purchase.  How high is sugar on the list?  Watch for it's aliases: sucrose, fructose, and high fructose corn syrup.  How much can you eliminate from your diet?

8. Eat the fruit, avoid the juice--Are apples and apple juice created equally?  Of course, not.  Eating the whole fruit provides your body with more nutrients and fiber than just drinking the juice.  And it fills you up quicker.  Plus read that label on the apple juice bottle.  Remember that added sugar that we're trying to avoid?  You may be surprised what you learn.

9. De-stress--I am a stress eater.  How about you?  When I'm stressed, I reach for nachos.  Find new ways to de-stress.  A few moments of meditation, a long bath, a good book, or even exercise are all great alternatives to reaching for that chocolate bar.

10. Seek out accountability--Find a friend to keep you accountable.  Make a plan to walk, hike, or bike today.  Make an appointment to meet at the gym.  Having someone counting on you to show up will make you more likely to exercise your self.

What are your favorite steps for loosing weight?

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