Friday, August 16, 2013

More Back to School Traditions

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It's that time of year again... Back to School time.  I can hardly believe we're back in the end of August and kids all over the country are getting ready for school.  Including mine.  My babies start school on Monday... Monday!  And I'm so excited about making their first day special.  Maybe as much easing my anxiety that my babies are growing up.  So besides Five Ways to Make the First Day of School Special, here are some more ideas for Back to School traditions:

Special Breakfast-- I know mornings can be hectic, but with a little forethought this is possible.  Pre-make some waffles for a waffle bar, blend together individual smoothies, put out some fresh fruit for a yogurt bar.  Doesn't have to be too complicated.  Just something out of the ordinary.

Walk/Bike to School-- Take some time to enjoy the outdoors and take it all in.  What a fun morning to bike to school and greet your friends.

Journal for Each Child-- My kids love to write.  so this gives them a fresh new start for the year.  It's a special place for them to share their thoughts, practice their writing, and express who they are.

Picture Near the Same Tree-- Instead of taking JUST a First Day of School photo, why not take it in the same place every year?  This is a great way to show growth in your children from year to year.

Start a New Read Aloud-- We share a read aloud book with our kids every evening.  Back to School is a wonderful time to start a new book together.  It's a fun thing to look forward to and a great start to the new year.

Start a New Scripture to Memorize-- This is a new one for us this year, but I'm excited for it.  Again this is a fun thing to look forward to and a great way to use the momentum of a new year.

Do you have any favorite Back to School traditions?

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