Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Fashioned to Reign {Review}

Fashioned to Reign proposes a view of women that frees them to minister and lead in their respective communities and churches.  Vallotton does a great job of addressing some of the more troublesome Scriptures which seem to contradict themselves.  What is contextual?  What is "for today?"  How much authority should women have in leading and speaking out?

Vallotton sets out to truly free women from the current cultural mindset.  In today's world, women are expected to lead like a man to be effective.  But the author takes us on a journey to see how men and women can, and should co-lead (or co-reign) to be most effectual.  This book is so jam packed with context and word study, analysis and history.  Whether you agree with Vallotton's view or not, he certainly provides a well-researched point of view.  

The most troublesome part of the book is set right from the beginning.  Vallotton asks us to imagine with him what Eden was like.  But part of his imagining is that woman was take out of man not just physically (in the rib), but emotionally and in her greatest essence.  This leads him to the conclusion that Adam housed both strong male and female characteristics prior to Eve's creation.  But upon her creation, those positive characteristics were separated, necessitating the co-reign of males and females.  While I agree with the point his trying to make, the imagining is so "outside my box," I would hesitate to share this book with some people who man need to hear the main message.

Despite it's hiccups, Fashioned to Reign is written in an easily understood manner and addresses some key passages that are still troubling today.  Once you get into the meat of this book, there is a lot to think on and process through.  Whether you agree with it all, Vallotton does a wonderful job of paving the way for women to co-reign.

*Disclaimer: Chosen Books sent me a free copy of this book for review.  All opinions are my own.

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