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Practicing Hospitality: Hospitality and Ministry

Welcome to our chapter eight discussion of Practicing Hospitality.  For eight weeks, we'll take a chapter and open it up for discussion.  I'll start us off with a summary of the chapter and then open the linky for questions and thoughts.  Even if you're not reading the book, feel free to add to the conversation.  May you be blessed!

Previous chapters:

Chapter Eight: Hospitality and Ministry
The majority of this chapter covers tips, ideas, and thoughts contributed by former home economic alumni.  These were a few of my favorites:
*having a crockpot meal ready on Sunday's after church
*relax and be yourself--the more comfortable you are, the more free your guests will feel to open up
*remember that your greatest desire is to point others to Christ
*play music
*look for opportunities to have hospitality on the road
*practice freezer cooking
*look for ways to include family and children in hospitality opportunities
*lower your expectations and maintain a sense of humor
*greet your guests with a smile
*ask your guests if you can pray for them

And I would add this final thought.... PLAN, PLAN, PLAN!  In today's fast paced society, if you don't PLAN for these hospitality opportunities, they won't happen.  No one stops by on each other's doorsteps any longer.  They wait for an invitation.  So have an open heart and PLAN for hospitality.  

This Week's Discussion:
1.  How do you define hospitality?  Support your definition with Scripture.

2. Describe your season of life and the unique opportunities it OFFERS for you to extend biblical hospitality.

3. Evaluate your current involvement in biblical hospitality by responding to the following questions:
* What traditions do you practice in your home that support your lifestyle and marital status?
* How do you use your hospitality skills in ministry?
* If you have opportunities to entertain individuals of a different culture, how can you blend their hospitality traditions with yours?
* How can you expand your borders if you currently do not entertain individuals of a different culture?
* How have you used your home as a center for evangelism (how do you share Christ with others in your home)?
* What goals will you set to love friends and strangers more faithfully?

Next Week:
Come back next week and share your greatest tips for extending hospitality in your home.  So join us next Thurs Aug 25th for a special hospitality link up!

Linky Party:
Feel free to link up below if you're discussing Practicing Hospitality on your blog.  We love hearing your thoughts and being encouraged in this journey together.  Can't wait to hear what you're thinking.

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