Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Now we lay you down to rest

Now we lay you down to rest
In a metal box seemed best

Some bullets for your gun
And a horseshoe for luck
Tools from your box
And parts for your truck

Pictures on a wall
Sum of a life
Memories from the past
Cut like a knife

Flowers and roses, 
Candles galore
Family and friends seated
And spilling out the door

Shadow memories
Taunt and hide
Christmas mornings
And a summer Slip 'N Slide

Games of Monopoly
Mischievious deeds
Sitting on Grandma's back porch
Spitting watermelon seeds

A scar on my brow
A reminder of when
We laughed and we played
Oh, to be young again

Today we sit in pain
But dreading the end
Silent tears fall
Hearts left to mend

The moment crescendos
As we say a final good-bye
A hug from the family
And a last heavy sigh

Now we lay you down to rest
In a metal box seemed the best


Mommy Lisa said...

Very moving.

Mama Kat said...

Oh wow...this is so heavy and sad, but still filled with sweet memories. Very nice my friend. I wish it didn't need to be written.

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