Friday, October 3, 2008

Frugal Friday...

Just a few frugal tidbits...

Needing batteries?  Be sure to check out your local $.99 store.  They often have various sizes of batteries in packs from 2-6 for, you guessed it, $.99.  They're name brand and work just as well as those that you spend twice as much on.

If you're in California, keep your eyes open for end of the summer produce.  At Raley's this week, strawberries at on sale 2 lbs for $4.  Not a fantastic price, but doable for October.

Don't forget to check your local craigslist for Halloween costumes.  I've seen a couple of cute ones lately and they are definitely cheaper than shopping the stores.  And great quality.  There are also local children's thrift stores advertising about the costumes that they have in stock right now.

Finally check out this post by Free to Be Frugal.  She's got some great sample links for those aches and pains, and cold weather.

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