Monday, October 3, 2016

Top 10 Fall Field Trips

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Fall is here and the leaves are turning.  The days are cooling and it's the perfect time to go exploring.  Since we've been in school for a few weeks now, we're ready for field trip.  And there's so many great opportunities for getting out of the house in the fall.  In our adventures far and wide, these are our Top 10 Fall Field Trips:

1. Nature Walk/ Nature Preserve-- Our local nature preserve schedules walks and explorations year round.  From identifying native plants and wildlife, to public lands clean up and preservation, to cultural demonstrations, we've found a variety of field trips to suit the kids' ages and interests.

2. Pumpkin Patch-- We always make a stop at our local pumpkin patch.  The kids love wandering the field, looking for the perfect pumpkin and marveling at the variety of produce available.  Plus there's plenty of other activities offered: petting zoo, local crafts and foods, corn mazes, pony rides, and more.  Lots to learn about.

3. Pick Your Own-- Fall is a great time to visit a "you pick" farm.  Apples and pears are in season, and grapes are plentiful as well.  This is a great opportunity to teach your kids about farming and where their food comes from.  Then take some home and make one of our favorite treats, like Caramel Apple Cheesecake Bars,  Apple Cider Donut Holes, and more.  Check your local listings or this site for farms in your state.

4. Visiting the Farm-- Many local farmers love sharing their trade and offer tours for homeschool groups.  Ours has visited a local alpaca farm as well as a dairy.  The kids get a chance to see the farming industry up close, from raising the animals to finished products.

5. Native American Pow Wow-- Pow Wows are a good opportunity to learn about the native populations in your area.  From the music to the traditional costumes and community structure, there's so much to learn at a traditional Pow Wow.

6. Salmon Festival--  The salmon are spawning, and this is a great time to learn about migration and conservation.  Salmon festivals typically give children a way to view the whole conservation process, from swimming up the salmon ladder, to the fry tanks, and eventual release into the wild.

7. Civil War Re-enactment-- Nothing brings the Civil War to life like a re-enactment.  Re-enactments add the human touch to history, and a Civil War battle provides the mental framework for really understanding the complex issues of slavery, ammancipation, and early American economics.

8. Local Court House-- With elections being held and November being National Adoption Month, the fall is a great time to visit your local court house.  Ask to sit in on a trial or hearing in process, or even an adaption finalization.  Personally, I recommend the adoption.  :-)

9.  Apple Festival-- Our area is known for having a bounty of apple festivals in the fall.  Apple cobbler, music, and family entertainment make it a fun outing for all of us.

10. Virtual Field Trips-- Fall is full of opportunities for learning about early American history.  Why not take a virtual tour of Jamestown or Plymouth?  Or a Wampanoag homesite?  Virtual field trips have become a good resource for us when the places we want to learn about are too far to travel.

So what about your homeschool?
What are your favorite fall field trips?

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