Wednesday, June 8, 2016

What We Have Planned for June

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 June is flying by already.  Can you believe it's the 8th already?  Over a week gone.  May was busy with finishing up the school year and looking forward to long summer days.  We squeezed in a field trip, played a ton of baseball, and cleaned out the school books.

As fun as May was, I've really been looking forward to June.  Time to read or scrapbook... a chance to organize gymnastics lesson in the kitchen... we've had several ideas tossed around about how to spend our time.  Here are some of the things we're working on:

Getting back to decluttering--  Back in Jan and February, I was vlogging our journey of decluttering the house, searching out those hidden spaces that needed some TLC.  But as school really ramped up in the spring, decluttering fell to the wayside.  While we have the time over the summer, I want to focus on decluttering the main living spaces of our house and the kids' bedrooms.

Updating chore charts--  We've always had chore cards in our home, but as the kids are getting older, they need some updating.  So I'm going through my chore lists for the kids, adding ideas and updating cards.

Finishing Josiah's baby album--  This is one of my personal goals.  I keep a baby photo album for the kids until they're a year old.  But with each kid, it's been harder and harder to get it done.  I'm so close with this one.  A few days ago, I laid out the final page ideas, printed the photos, and gathered embellishments.  I'm hoping to get a few pages done a week and finish his album this month.

Swim lessons--  June means swim lessons in our house.  Noah's getting older and done very well on the swim team this year, but Lydia and Josiah haven't been in the pool for quite awhile.  They're both really looking forward to lots of swimming at the pool and the lake.  But swim lessons first.

Cooking with Mom--  The kids love being in the kitchen.  Especially Lydia.  And for the past couple of years, I've thought that I needed to do more intentional cooking lessons with them.  So this summer, we're planning a meal or baking idea a week to work on together in the kitchen.  I know my youngest would enjoy it, but I'm really going to focus on working with the older two.

What are your plans for June?

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