Friday, February 19, 2016

How to Throw a Native American Birthday Party

Back in December, my little Lydi-Bug celebrated her 8th birthday with a Native American birthday party.  Now there's something you need to know about my Lydia.  She's a deep thinker.  She loves learning about people, history, and cultures all around the world.  So when she learned that Pocahontas was a "real" princess, she became obsessed with all the historical details.

Fast forward to her birthday and you've got a little girl that wanted a Native American party.  As you may recall, we hosted a Pocahontas party for her 7th birthday so some of these details have carried over from last year.  But some of the ideas were new to accommodate older girls and to simply refresh the party.  Hope these videos inspire you in your party planning.  Enjoy!

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mackyton said...

This is just an amazing post on How to Throw a Native American Birthday Party. Thanks for sharing the pictures. I will definitely make use of this idea on my mom’s birthday. Right now hunting for some good event venue options and then will start will rest of stuff.

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