Monday, February 22, 2016

Our Favorite Preschool Learning Games

We love games in our house.
From a very young age, we've been a family
who loves enjoying an evening over a board game or puzzle.

As the kids have grown, our game collection has as well.
But some of our favorites are still these preschool learning games
that we often come back to again and again.

Some of our favorite preschool games include:

Rory's Story Cubes--
These fun dice are great for all ages.
Just throw them and make a story out of the pictures.
When your kids get older,
have their write their story.
Great for imagination, building vocabulary,
and story telling.

Great for following directions
and having fun doing it.
Includes movements like "slither,"
hop, and crawl for gross motor skills.

Great way to learn about taking turns, counting,
and rules of game play.

Lego Duplo--
So much fun for building, imagination,
logic, and construction.

Thinkfun Roll and Play Game--
Great beginning game for learning colors,
emotions, gross motor skills, counting,
and so much more.

Classic game of colors, turn taking, and general game play,
all packaged in the fun imaginative world of candy.

Wonderful for building memory and logic.
This game comes in such a variety of subjects and
the classic version as well.
We've had three variations of this game 
and all have been well loved.

Chutes and Ladders--
Be careful going up, you just might come right back down.
Great game for counting and learning to
take the ups and downs of game play.
Love the older version that matches behavior 
with rewards and consequences.

Go Fish--
This is a fun game to learn about pairing,
based either on color, number, or symbol.

This game comes in several variations as well,
including a Cars edition which is really fun.
Uno is great for identifying numbers, colors, 
and has the added fun of the "skip" card.

Animal Upon Animal--
This wooden game challenges kids to stack animals 
in crazy configurations.
Focused on logic and fine motor skills,
Animal upon Animal is one that my older kids still enjoy.

So what would you add to the list?
Do you have a favorite preschool learning game?


Happy Science Mom said...

What a helpful post! We love Hullabaloo and Hi Ho Cherry O. The Roll and Play plush cube game was a wonderful tool that I used for both my kids. The story cubes look like a great resource.

Lis Luwia said...

We own half of these games and my kids love them.... but we don't have animal upon animal. And there's a birthday coming up! Thanks for the great idea. :)

joshua54 said...

Thank you very much for sharing your favorite preschool learning games. Rory's Story Cubes is my daughter’s favorite game. I gifted that on her first day of her preschool. You know after a sound research I found the best Phoenix pre-k academy for her.

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