Thursday, April 23, 2015

How to Throw a Pocahontas Party {on a budget)

My daughter challenged me with a Pocahontas Party this past December.  She's been studying Pocahontas in school and had just watched the movie at Grandma's.  But as I was looking online, the Pocahontas theme was retired in the ninety's.    So we went with aqua blue and yellow, and lots of sunflowers.  Here's some highlights from the day and a breakdown on our budget.

Party Budget Breakdown

* Party supplies--$10 (bough from Dollar Tree/ Party City)

* Making necklaces--Cording--$4

* Pin the Feather on Pocahontas--Poster and construction paper feathers --$.50
                                                   Tape and blindfold--on hand

* Pass the Grizzly Bear--Stuffed Animal--on hand
                                        Colors of the Wind CD--from dance class

* Break the Acorn (piñata)--homemade piñata--$3
                                              play necklaces-- $2

* Food--$30 (finger food, punch, chips/dip, etc)

* Party favors--Necklaces, jewelry, candy

* Gift-- Baby high chair (second hand), $15 American Girl clothes (bought with 50% coupons)

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