Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Marshmallow Painting {Pinterest Inspired}

Mallow Painting #1 photo IMG_4730_zpseae1a0e8.jpg

I love finding new ways to add art and creativity to our day.  It's fun to look around your house and find all kinds of "tools" that you never realized where there before.  So when I saw this idea for Marshmallow Painting on pinterest (sorry link won't work), I knew we'd have to try it.  Marshmallows?  So simple and absolutely something I never would have thought of.  

Mallow Painting #2 photo IMG_4725_zpsb0a8dd13.jpg

Mallow Painting #3 photo IMG_4727_zpsca2c15f7.jpg

So we got out our paint and paper and started daubbering away with our marshmallows.  They make the prettiest round circles and squish when you paint with them.  I thought this would be a fun activity for the three year old, but my daughter was the one that got the most into it.  
Mallow Painting #4 photo IMG_4732_zps650871e4.jpg

Mallow Painting #5 photo IMG_4735_zps3f90e890.jpg

Just watch out.  You may find that your bag of marshmallows starts to dwindle as you paint.  Or that may just be my house.  :-)

What creative "tools" are you using these days?

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olkowskiscanlon said...

Ooh, this looks fun!! I wonder if you could do it with edible paint?

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