Tuesday, February 3, 2015

A Peek Into Our Homeschool Week: Jan 26-30, 2015

Week 21 #1 photo IMG_4562_zps3c9cf0ed_1.jpg

The start of our poetry unit with an "I am" poem
Learned so much about my kids through this

Week 21 #2 photo IMG_4563_zps197bc1b0_1.jpg

Noah's mobile about a California natural wonder:
The Redwoods

Week 21 33 photo IMG_4564_zps79dc5ef5_1.jpg  

Josiah's categorizing
Pretty good!

Week 21 #4 photo IMG_4573_zps48289d26_1.jpg 

Amazed how many we could think of

 photo IMG_4580_zps2a20db6b.jpg 

Playing with Alliteration and our names

Week 21 #6 photo IMG_4595_zpsa164f34e.jpg

Starting Vertebrates in 1st grade science

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