Friday, February 13, 2015

Day in the Life of a Preschooler

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6:50 am-- Wake up and start singing

6:52 am-- Talk to your teddy bear, big brother, and the sun out your window

6:55 am-- Mom's not waking up; start kicking the wall...

6:56 am--- "Mommy!!!!!!"

6:57 am--- "MOMMY!!!"

7:00 am-- Ahh!  Mom finally rescues you ... immediately start speaking at an unGodly volume about the purple sky outside and how gross smoothies and bagels are

7:05 am-- Eat half of breakfast before complaining that you don't like it and throw a fit until a second breakfast arrives on your plate

7:15 am-- Realize that second breakfast isn't coming and the smoothie and bagel are actually better than sitting in timeout

7:30 am--Decide it's time to get dressed and run around naked for 20-30 min... where's Mom?

8 am-- Finally really get dressed... leave pajamas on the floor

8:15 am--Find where mom hides the finger paints...decide that finger painting the paper isn't nearly as fun as finger painting your body

8:45 am--Sent to the bathroom to wash up.....

9 am-- Still washing... possibly overflowing the bathroom sink

                 Still washing....
                      Still washing...

9:03 am-- Mom stomps in and turns off the water after discovering the cat has also had a bath

9:05 am-- Sent to your room to find dry clothes... return in a spiderman costume

9:10 am-- Build a dinosaur park, complete with lego corral

9:20 am--Dinosaurs break loose, creating a preschool version of Jurassic Park

9:45 am-- Bomb Jurassic Park with a Peppermint Playdough ball...

10 am-- Take one bit of an apple.  Realize you want what your sister is having for snack instead.  Return said apple to cupboard.

10:02 am-- Mom says it might be time for a nap!

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