Wednesday, February 12, 2014

26 Intentional Acts of Kindness #15: RedBox Love

Hey there, Mamas,

Our last challenge was to leave a couple of diapers and wipes at a public changing area to bless another mom who might be in a tight spot.  We chose the library to make our drop.  Our library has a wonderful children's area complete with family bathroom and changing area.  So the kids and I borrowed the key and left diapers and wipes.

Our library is always very busy with a wide range of patrons.  From some of the most affluent of our community to some of the most down and out families.  Our hope is that those diapers and wipes served to be a blessing to a mama who found herself in need of a little encouragement in her day.  I've been praying that they would be found by just the right person.

Ready for our next challenge?

This next challenge is to leave some money at a Redbox to bless the next customer.  I know as a family on a budget, Redbox is often the surest way for my hubby and I to have a date night or to spend an evening relaxing with the kids.  It doesn't take much and that's what makes this challenge a great one.  It takes so little to bright up someone's day.  So get creative.  Think about your target.  And go find a way to pay for someone's Redbox (Blockbuster, etc) rental!

Share with us how your Intentional Acts of Kindness are going... Have you noticed a difference in your kids (or yourself)?  What has blessed you the most in these challenges?

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