Friday, October 11, 2013

31 Days of Books: Teach Your Child to Read

*originally published on 8/30/11
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It's the question that has always haunted me...

If we were to homeschool, how would I ever teach my children to read?

Although confident that I could teach history, spelling, science and even algebra when I had to, how would I ever get through the difficult and crucial task of reading?

So when I saw this book suggested on several sites, it seemed worth the time to see if it would work.  The summer before Noah started Kindergarten, he was getting restless for a challenge and I was anxious to see if this system could really work.

Broken into 100 lesson, each approx 20 minutes long, the book focuses on sounds and blending.  Within just a few lessons, Noah was reading simple words and within 20 lessons, he was reading sentences.  It ended up being a pleasant experience that kept him motivated to learn from lesson to lesson.

After the 100 lessons are complete, there's also a list of books to keep the kids growing and practicing.  These books include Hop on Pop, Go Dog Go, and Whose Mouse are you?  Also included are tips for using these books to further vocab and new sound combinations.

A year and a half later, we've found the time investment to be well worth it.  Noah's reading is above grade level and it all started with a very simple strategy.  Plus we were lucky enough to find this book at the library, making it a perfect fit for our budget.  This is a book we will return to again and again as our children grow.

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