Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Six Best Board Games for Young Children

We're back in the full swing of things with school around here.  As you may have noticed lately, I haven't had as much time to bake or craft.  My biggest accomplishment each week is getting lesson plans taken care of and getting kids to extra-curriculars.  But just because school has started, doesn't mean that we're not having fun.  These are just a few of the games we use to keep our school day fresh and fun:
*Hi-Ho Cherry-O--This is a fun game for the preschool set.  It's great for learning to take turns, counting, and teamwork.

*Shoots and Ladders--Oh, the highs and lows of Shoots and Ladders.  This game helped my son learn about being a gracious looser.  It's hard when you have to slide back down, but you keep going and learn the value of perseverance.

*Candy Land--What more fun than candy?  A great game for learning about colors, taking turns, and general game play.

*Memory--There are so many levels of Memory cards.  We've had several versions of the game and some are more complicated than others.  A great warm up game for remembering location and visual discrimination.

*Go Fish!--Depending on your Go Fish! cards, you can use this game for colors, visual discrimination, number recognition, and so much more.

*Uno--Again, this is a great game on so many levels.  Start with a beginner's set including characters, and move up to a more standard deck to work on number recognition.

What are your favorite board games for young children?

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