Wednesday, September 4, 2013

6 Ways to Drink More Water

Being a busy Mom of three and trying to keep up with it all, it's hard to remember to take care of myself.  Getting back into a fall routine, I've scheduled my workouts (most of them) and started going to bed earlier.  But what about drinking water?

I confess, I'm horrible about remembering to drink water. I want to.  I really do.  But unfortunately I often find myself running into the gym before class and realizing I haven't had water all day. So these are a few ways I'm working water back into my day:

1. Carry a Water Bottle--#1 Tip-- I have to keep carrying my water bottle with me.  I have a 32 oz bottle that needs to be filled twice/day.  Having my water bottle with me and drinking a minimum of 64 oz reminds me how much I've already drank and how much I have to go by the end of the day.  One less thing to remember.

2. Keep Fruit Infused Water in the Fridge--I've pinned a few on my Delightful Drinks Pinterest Board.  My current favorite is cucumber and lemon, but I'm also anxious to try the Raspberry Lime and Pineapple Mint.  Having some fruit infused water on hand gives me another option when I just need something different.

3. Drink a Glass of Water with Every Meal-  I'm already sitting down three times a day (hopefully) so I might as well have a class of water too.  That's almost half my water intake for the day.  Plus slows down your eating so you can better recognize when you're full.  And it's great digestion.

4. Have a Glass of Water First Thing in the Morning--As soon as you wake up in the morning, go straight to the kitchen, pour yourself a glass of water, and take your vitamins.  Then take that glass of water with you while you put your makeup on, put your hair up, go about your morning.  Finish that glass of water!

5. Have a Glass before/with a Snack--Feeling hungry?  Drink a glass of water first.  Still need a mid-day snack?  Drink a glass of water with your snack.  Remember it's good for digestion?

6. Take a Glass of Water to Bed--As I'm working into a new fall routine, I'm going to bed 30-45 min early and reading.  It's been a nice break and really helps me unwind at the end of the day.  So as I'm going to bed, I also take a glass of water with me and drink it as I read.  A little sip here, a little sip there and it's gone in no time

How do you remember to drink water in the day?

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