Wednesday, August 21, 2013

First Day of School 2013

Oh, we have had a fantastic summer!  We've been to the beach.  We've played baseball.  We've made homemade ice cream.  We've had a fantastic, full summer!

But August is here and that means school.  Birthdays remind me that the kids are growing up.  But the first day of school really reminds me that they're growing up.  My baby girl is starting kindergarten.  There is something seriously wrong with that sentence.  And of course, baby had to be in the picture as well.

 photo IMG_0500_zpsa4fd75c4.jpg

That's my boy!  This summer I really started to see how his mind works and how he's growing more every day.  We still have our struggles, but he's growing so fast.  I'm so proud of him.  Third grade here he comes.
 photo IMG_0502_zps6923440b.jpg

And since we homeschool, here's our class photo!  (Baby included as well)

 photo IMG_0504_zps3ad9f79a.jpg

For a couple of days before I wanted to make the first day special and I was trying to think of something my kids would really enjoy.  So like any good mother, we took First Day photos ... and then we went out to donuts.  Yeah donuts.  I gave them sugar then I expected them to concentrate on school.  Ooops!  But they each got to pick out a donut, and Mommy had coffee for the first time in six months.  And we were off to hit the books.

Lydia loves school and can't get enough.  Especially when it comes to "cut and paste."

 photo IMG_0507_zps71c0ee73.jpg

I worked hard to set up a small desk space in our tiny house and Noah loves having that option when things get too loud at the dinning room table.  But he just can't sit still!  :-)

 photo IMG_0508_zps95a72717.jpg

And since I have a two year old in the house as well, this was my living room about half way through the day.  Toys, books, musical instruments, and a basket of laundry I'm trying to frantically fold while the kids were on the slip n slide.  Yes, slip n slide during school!  Hey after all, it was the first day!

 photo IMG_0509_zps746803d9.jpg

Have your kids gone back to school yet?
Are they excited?

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