Thursday, December 1, 2011

Snow Candle {Tutorial}

Who doesn't love to walk into a home with candles burning?  Scented or not, a burning candle just signifies warmth and hospitality.  They're calming and homey.  And these snow candles are also very cute.  Better yet, inexpensive.

A glass container (canning jar, vase, large candle holder)
Epsom salt
Small jingle bells
Votive candle
Hot glue gun

Apply a little hot glue to the rim of your container and start wrapping your twine.  I like the beginning of my twine to be in the back in case I don't get it lined up correctly.  Add a little hot glue ever so far to keep the twine in place.  You can thread or glue your bells.  I had a terrible time threading mine so I just added a few dots of glue and tucked them in.  Fill your jar to your desired level with epsom salt.  I think I have a little too much in mine, but I would just advise to keep your candle lower than the twine.  Nestle your votive candle into the salt and you're done.  Cute, inexpensive candle for the holidays.  Enjoy!


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Mommyhood by, Jess said...

Thanks for sharing. This is so cute, easy, and inexpensive. I love it!

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