Sunday, December 18, 2011

Monday Muddle

Hey everyone,
How was your week?  Can you believe it's the last week till Christmas?  I'm in shock.  And a little bit busy!

Last week found us traveling again for another funeral.  The later part of this year has been rough for our family.  So we are greatly looking forward to the hope of Christmas.  Kids stayed with Grandma while my husband and I went to his grandpa's funeral.  It's been such a blessing to have grandparents who love our kids.  And for us to reflect on the legacy of our own grandparents.  The trip was quick, but it gave us a chance to reunite with distant family and refocus our priorities and relationships.

This past Saturday we also threw a 4th birthday party for our daughter.  Her birthday is the 21st so every year we throw a party the weekend before Christmas.  It was a blast seeing her play with her friends from the YMCA and school.  I love how her personality is coming out and seeing how she interacts.  Our little house was full of pink and laughter.  I promise to share more soon.

The rest of our weekend was filled with church, another party, a meeting, and lots of family in our house.  Our house may be small, but we're always happy to have it filled with family and friends.  So now it's Sunday night and I'm busy in my kitchen (often the place I'm the happiest).  Shortbread cookies and carmel corn are on the to-do list.  Changes are on the horizon as my twitter followers know.  So I'm filling my house with the warm smell of the holidays.

Our menu for the week:
Monday--potluck at small group-- taking potatoes and a green salad
Tuesday--pea soup and bread
Wednesday--(Lydia's birthday request) hamburgers, tater tots, salad
Thursday--taco salad
Friday--homemade pizza
Sunday--Christmas dinner

Projects I'm working on this week:
Finish shopping and wrapping
Baking for Grandma
Shortbread cookies
Moose Munch
Peanut butter cookies

Posts coming up this week:
A couple of reviews
2012 reading list
Lydia's birthday post
An opportunity to GIVE this season
Christ-centered dialogue
and more!

How was your weekend?

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