Thursday, December 1, 2011

Another Member of the Family

There's another member of the family you might not have met yet.  She's a cuddler, cries for attention, needs to be fed, sleeps most of the day, and is up most of the night.  No, we didn't have another baby.  Well, in some ways, I suppose she is our baby.

This is Annie.  She's been a part of the family since 2002 and isn't afraid to let the kids know she was here before them.  She's also Mama's baby.

About a year after we got married, my husband caved and agreed to let me get a kitten.  We had a family in our church giving away little ones so we decided to take one.  When we got there, there was only two left.  I immediately fell in love with this beautiful tabby we later named Danny.  But my husband's heart broke when he realized we'd be leaving one behind all by herself.  He picked up this skranny little swirl of color.  She was pitifully ugly with that big orange splotch on her head.  And he asked how I could possibly leave her by herself.

Needless to say, we went for one and came home with two.

It was fun raising Annie and Danny together.   They were always running around the house playing together.  And at night, we'd find them curled up together, one big blob of color, not sure where one ended and the other began.  After we had Noah, they became inseparable.  It was almost as if it was them against the infant invader.  And spoiled they were.  Danny slept on my pillow while Annie curled up near my husband's feet.

We lost Danny not long after Lydia was born.  And Annie quickly attached herself to me.  She learned right away that nursing time meant I'd be sitting still and have a free hand to pet her.  As the kids have gotten older, we've seen her mellow out a lot.  Even to the point of occasionally playing dress-up with Lydia.  The picture above was taken the day Lydia decided she needed to throw Annie a birthday party.

Although she's loosened up a lot with the kids, she's still my baby.  When my husband's working needs, she comes in the bedroom and snuggles down under the covers.  Always content to just be close by.  Sassy, sweet, and loving, she's wormed her way into our hearts and embedded herself in our lives.  And we love her!

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Sarann said...

How sweet. We are thinking about adopting a cat, now I really want one!

Miss Angie said...

Oh she's soooo pretty! I love it when they're cuddlers, they're not a lot of the time and that is sad.

OneMommy said...

What a beautiful cat! I couldn't have left her all by herself then, either.
I love that she lets your little girl play dress up occasionally with her. I had to leave my cat at my parents' house when I moved out - and she, too, mellowed with age.
stopping by from Mama Kat's

Karen and Gerard said...

That's a cute story how you got the two cats--your husband has a good heart! Too bad you lost Danny.

We have two cats and a dog. Our first cat died in 2007 on New Year's Eve. Here's the link to how we got our Manny Boy cat:

Stopping by from Writers Workshop.

LeAnn said...

I love that Annie plays birthday party with your daughter!

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