Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Stewarding Your Story: Let God Do the Work

Sometimes the hardest part of sharing your story is the concern of what others will think.  Will they understand?  Will they be able to relate?  Will they be touched?

What if you end up standing alone?

Recently I was mulling over these thoughts on a Sunday morning.  What happens in those times we share and it doesn't seem to make a difference?  What then?

I was thinking through this thought when the Lord spoke to me.  He was saying that stewarding your story isn't as much about miraculous transformation, but more about obedience.  

My obedience.


Sharing MY story is about obedience to the Lord?  How does that work?

That's because IT'S NOT MINE.  Sharing my story is all about being obedient when the Lord calls on me.  Changing hearts is the Lord's work, not mine.  In a lot of ways, it takes the pressure off.  Suddenly it's not about how eloquent I am, what details I share or  how I speak.  While it's important to be prepared, the Lord is the one doing the work.  Stewarding my story is more about opening my mouth and getting out of the way.

All my fears about who is going to respond or understand wash away in the light of bringing God glory.  Maybe the friend before me won't be able to identify with my situation.  Maybe something will be lost in translation.  But to a hurt and dying world, why would I remain silent?  

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