Thursday, August 11, 2011

2011 Summer Photo Challenge: Photograph Something Wet

Noah's Swim Lesson.
He's the little head on the right.

Lydia's Swim Lesson.
Getting brave enough to jump in.

Barely big enough to hold the new water gun from Grandma.

Having a water fight on July 4th.

Backyard sprinklers.

She's so happy.

Photograph those Water Activities!

I love the summer.  And I love raising little swimmers.  It was hard not to just fill this post with swimming photos as we've had such a great time at the pool this summer.  Lydia's finally understanding and getting braver.  And I've had no fear about Noah running off to swim with his friends.  Living where we do, our temperatures easily top 100 degrees from May through Sept so water play is a big part of our lives. 
Besides the pool, we spend lots of time in the sprinklers and Grandma bought the kids new water guns this year.  Lydia's barely big enough to actually hang on to hers.  But boy is she sneaky.  I'll be going after Noah and she'll be sneaking up behind me.

So Photograph those Water Activities! Did you take pictures this week?  Join us as we chronicle our lives this summer and document what makes each of us special.  Link up to a specific post below and don't forget to invite others to join us.  The more of us that get involved, the more fun!

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