Tuesday, February 22, 2011

52 First Dates: Week Thirty-Seven

Hey y'all,

How's your dating life?

I was reading something interesting last night about how we pursue our spouses while dating, but marriage becomes a "get out of jail free" card.  We get married and just stop putting in the work.  Worse than that, we start the nagging, complaining, whining.   I'm not saying there's not plenty of room for growth in marriage, but we almost act as though marriage gives us an excuse to stop trying: "This man's married to me.  Now I can really let him have it."

And I can guarantee you that the single woman in his office isn't treating him that way.  No, she's respectful, perhaps friendly.  And even if she's not pursuing him, it's probably light years away from the "old ball and chain" syndrome.

Anyways, I'm still chewing on it, but there's some food for thought.  Puts it in a whole new light, huh?

Are you ready for this week's challenge?

You are going to create an intimacy box with your spouse.  What's an intimacy box you ask?

An intimacy box is a collection of items that can only be used when creating an intimate environment with your significant other.  These can items as simple as candles, massage oils, special music, bubble bath, ... how creative can you be?

So for this date you will be shopping together or separately.  Ideally I think this would be so much fun to do with your spouse.  Pick an inexpensive location, split up and come back together at an appointed time.  (In the real world this isn't always possible.  So doing this separately at most convenient times is still a great option).  Keep your purchases a surprise until you can be together.  And don't just throw it on the bed and say, "Well, this is what I came up with."  Take time to really share with each other and talk about why you made each purchase.  Relish these moments of intimacy and conversation with your spouse.

Are you ready?  Go!

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Sarah beth said...

Super cute idea, love it!

I treasure date nights!

Blessings, Sarah beth

Bitterroot Mama said...

Found you through WFMW. I am your 100th follower! I love the date night idea.

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