Tuesday, February 1, 2011

52 First Dates: Week Thirty-Four

Week 34!!!  AAAHHH!!!


How was your date last week?  Were you dating Italian style?

We did!  To make our date super affordable, the first thing I did was hit the library.  Told you this date could be affordable.  And since I LOVE Rick Steven's I quickly grabbed a copy of his best of Italy.  So much fun!  (I know I'm nerdy.)

We rounded out our date with dessert.  The plan had been for Tirasmisu, but we could find it at the last minute so we ended up with Moose Tracks ice cream.  That's ok though 'cause it's hubby's favorite.  He was quite happy.

It was fun to just sit back and "travel" together.  We've always wanted to go to Italy together so for now, this was our mini vacation.  Great motivation for starting an Italy fund.  :-)  Some day.

Are you ready for next week's challenge?

We're going on a date to explore our "Five Senses."  How do we explore our five senses?  How creative can you get?  Here are just a few ideas to get you started:

Smell--special dessert, yummy dinner, scented candle
Taste--dinner, coupon for his favorite dessert, edible body paint
Sound--Dance mix CD, romantic movie,
Touch--coupon for massage, body lotion,
Sight--Marriage photos, travel video, lingerie

Obviously this date can be adapted to a night out on the town or a night at home.  The special touches are up to you.  So let us know how you personalize this date to your marriage.  What new ideas did you come up with?

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Beverly @ The Buzz said...

This is a great idea! Do you know if Rick Stevens does books on the US? We used his book on our trip to Italy last year and it was a godsend. Really good information and made the trip much easier.

Thanks for stopping by!

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