Tuesday, February 8, 2011

52 First Dates: Week Thirty-Five (and a Giveaway!)

Surprise... it's week Thirty-Five and one of the most "Love" oriented seasons of the year.  Do you know what next Monday is?

Now before you start in about the overcommercialization or the inability to find a sitter, remember that Valentine's Day is all about celebrating you and your spouse.  It's not about the overpriced roses (although they are lovely) or the impossible to make dinner reservations.  It's about what makes your relationship work and taking the time to celebrate that.

So as all us ladies are being wooed by the jewelry advertisements, let's be thinking about our men.  How can we serve them this Valentine's Day?  After all, who says Valentine's Day is all about the women?

Here are just a few things I have roaming in my head:

*The way to a man's heart is through his stomach--why not take the initiative to make dinner reservations?  Or what's your man's favorite dinner?  Can you make it?  I know my husband loves his grandma's lasagna... and he only gets it about twice a year.  Why not now?  Or for after the kids go to bed, how about some fondue and finger foods?  Or sweet treat?  I have a peanut butter chocolate recipe coming on Friday.  Stay tuned!

*Diamonds are a girl's best friend--But what's your husband's best friend?  You don't have to break the bank to treat your man.    Is it a back masssage?  Resee's Peanut Butter Cups?  A card just saying Thanks for taking such good care of us?

*Romance is in bloom--Can you strike a compromise?  Sure your husband would probably be willing to watch a romantic comedy with you, but do you have to choose the one that's so over the top?  Is there movie that will make his flinch just a little less?

*And when the lights are out?--Let's be honest, there's probably one thing that's shooting right to the top of his list of wants for Valentine's Day.  And you in sweat pants and slouch socks... well, that just ain't it.  So put a little thought into it.  Can you sneak away to grab something new this week?  Remember, you're married; have fun.

Now for the Giveaway part..

A few months ago I was contacted about reviewing Gary Thomas' Sacred Marriage.  I had heard the title several times and it came highly recommended.  Plus it also came at an interesting time in the blog.  With this 52 First Dates experiment, I jumped at the chance.

And Wow!  This book is so much more than I expected.  I was looking for a great book on a Christ centered marriage and came away with a book that challenges me to pursue Jesus.  Every chapter we read together reminds me that my marriage can me closer to Christ, if I allow it to.  Take this excerpt from the back cover:

  "Sacred Marriage doesn't tell how to build a better marriage-- it shows how your marriage can help deepen your relationship with God.  From the practice of forgiveness, to the ecstasy of lovemaking, to the history you and your spouse create together, everything about your marriage is filled with the potential for discovering and revealing Christ's character."

We've been making a regular reading date once a week and it's been incredible to share it together.  Plus with the discussion questions in the back, it's a great tool for building in communication.  And...


Wanna Win?

* Simply leave a comment below letting us know what your biggest accomplishment in your marriage has been lately.  It's that easy.  What are you learning?

Want some additional entries?

* Become a public follower of Creative2xmom
* "Like" Creative2xmom on Facebook
* Post with a 52 First Dates idea for a future post

Good luck to all of you and I can't wait to give this one away!  Have a great date night!

*Edited to Add:
Sorry I forgot to put a deadline on this one.  Let's say we keep it open till next 52 First Dates.  So you have till February 15th at midnight and I'll announce the winner on the 16th.  Good luck!

*Disclaimer: Gary Thomas provided my copy of Sacred Marriage and the giveaway copy.  I was not monetarily compensated for this post.  All opinions are my own.


Ann said...

Well as you know Robin, i am NOT married yet, but soon 4 months !! LOl but reading each week.. or as many as i could has given me great ideas to do in a marriage. I want God to the head of our marriage, and everything. thank you for do this thing weekly, it has taught me a lot about a marriage, and just to take some time out for us.

Sarah beth said...

I plan on making my hubbys FAV dinner and stay in. The things he loves best is my homecooking {bless his heart} and saving $$! ;)

I have some other special ideas too, I joined Be my valentine challenge as well~

Would love to be entered for the giveaway.. my biggest accomplishment is putting him first, asking him each day, what can I do for you.

Would love to FOLLOW and become a new reader, love your blog here!

Wonderful ideas!

{Sarah beth}

Sherry @ Lamp Unto My Feet said...

I'm thinking of doing an inside picnic complete with cheese, crackers, chocolate covered strawberries. :)

Lisa said...

Good tips! I actually always plan our Valentine's Day because my husband wouldn't take the time to do it. We're celebrating a week late, but I'm planning a nice dinner out and a little surprise for him!

Courtney (Women Living Well) said...

So believe it or not - I DO NOT have the book Sacred Marriage yet but SO many of my readers have told me I need to read it so my hand is raised really high lol pick me pick me :-)

Anyways, to answer your question- what am I learning in marriage right now? That it's a lot of work... I can't rest on what I did last year to help my husband or how respectful I WAS. It's a daily discipline of remembering to ask how I can pray for him, be mindful of his needs, be respectful when tensions rise etc.

I have also learned that it does get easier each year and more beautiful!
Much Love,

Jan said...

Hi! I found you on the Women Living Well blog hop and am now following. This looks like a good book. Biggest accomplishment?... Celebrating 30 years of marriage! :)

Country Girl said...

Just found your blog today from Women Living Well and of course would love to jump in at a chance to win! :) lol.
My biggest accomplishment is that we are still married! We came extremely close to ending it, but as I dug into prayer, God called me to fight harder. It has been extremely difficult but amazingly rewarding as well. I am working daily, no more like hourly, to die to self and place him first. I am working on biting my tongue and letting him lead. I am striving to love him as God loves him and teaching my children respect for his authority.
We are going out for dinner tomorrow night as we start a FireProof small group at church. Beyond that I am planning a special meal for him and will be making him a valentine. :)

Amy said...

How nice. Thanks again for linking up..

Marni's Organized Mess said...

This is great! I am a new follower. Will you come back and day hello on my blog? I've got a giveaway going right now!

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