Monday, August 25, 2008

Teaching Tuesday-grocery list

Mom Advice is hosting a great giveaway this week and I just couldn't help, but jump in.  Especially after finding this great activity in the notebook from 5/8/08.  The original grocery list activity can be found here: PlumPudding's Grocery List activity.

I've been needing an activity to keep Big Boy busy for Baby Girls nap, but one that would also be educational and help him with his fine motor skills.  So this was a great thing for him to do in practicing with scissors and vocab.  Here's what it looked like:

Purpose: to practice with scissors, glue sticks, and pencils, also to talk about nutrition and vocab words.  

Printer paper
Weekly ads
Glue Stick

Check out the original link for full directions.  

For our grocery list, I had Big Boy cut out the items he wanted to "shop" for that week.  We came up with an interesting mix of items.  Nonetheless, he had some great ideas.  

This gave him some needed practice with scissors, which he loved.  Grandma got him a pair of child safe scissors for Christmas and he always wants to use them.  He still has a long way to go in developing the coordination necessary to be very effecient, but it's an activity that he really enjoys.

Then we glued our pictures onto a piece of printer paper.    We talked about how to do this as well, turning the picture over to put the glue on the back.  It's amazing how much we take for granted as adults.  

Afterwards, we talked about what each one was.  I wrote them down and he told what letters he saw in the words.  We did some sounding out and talked about nutrition.  

This was a great activity that I'm sure I'll use as long as he's interested.  It takes minimal effort on my part and is open ended enough to touch a variety of educational topics.  This one really worked for us. 

So check out the notebook from this past week and try something new.  You may be surprised what you'll learn.

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Amy said...

My son loved that one too! We started cutting up catalogs with shoes, shirts, hats, etc.. and I had him practice writing words and matching. As many fliers and magazines we have laying around here, it is great to put them to good use! Thanks so much for entering!

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