Thursday, May 4, 2017

Homeschool Mom Tag// May 2017

Sharing the homeschool mom tag today.  This one was created by Rachel from Day2DayJoys and includes 10 questions.  Feel free to tag yourself or leave the answers to the questions in the comments.  Love learning and sharing with you all.

1. Were you homeschooled?

2. Did you always know you'd homeschool your children?

3. What are your three favorite books in your homeschool library?

4. Are you the only teacher?

5. What is your favorite place to buy curriculum?

6. Do you have a set budget for your homeschool?

7. What are your two must have homeschool supplies?

8. What are you favorite and least favorite subjects to teach?

9. Have you ever been a part of a co-op or homeschool group?

10. What is your homeschooling style?


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