Monday, October 31, 2016

37 Random Things On My 37th Birthday

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Yesterday was my birthday!  Yep, I'm another year old, but not necessarily another year wiser.  I still stay up too late and eat too much sugar.  Old habits die hard.

But in the spirit of celebrating my birthday, I thought I'd share with you 37 Random Things about Myself on my 37th Birthday!

1. Tree frogs scare me.  They hop all over the place and I'm always afraid they'll jump on me.

2. I love making lists: reading lists, to-do lists, grocery lists... but I never quite get to all of it.

3. My favorite Christmas cookies are my Grandma's Jelly Filled Shortbread Cookies.  I usually just make a batch big enough for myself.

4. I'm a night owl, through and through.  Reading, sitcoms, scrapbooking... my night starts around 10 pm.

5. Growing up, I wanted to be a marine biologist, an astronaut, a seismologist, and more.  I settled on being a teacher.

6. I love playing softball.

7. I left my heart in Ukraine, not once, not twice, but three times.

8. I know I have a book in me somewhere.

9. I have that California dis-taste for fatty meats.  Lean meats all the way for this woman.

10. My favorite animal is horses.  I always wanted to own one.

11. Fruit is my favorite summer time dessert.  Stone fruits are a favorite.

12. I'm afraid of heights, but I've been zip lining in the Alaskan rainforest... twice!

13. I love a French Tip manicure.

14. I have thin skin.  People like to think I'm tough, but things get to me all too easily.

15. Eating chicken off the bone makes me squeamish.

16. I love the idea of wearing a white linen suit and breezing through the day.  And then I remember it's not just the kids that are messy.  It's me too.

17. My favorite perfume is still Tommy Girl.  Yes, I've had it forever.  No, I'm not giving it up.

18. My library card is always maxed out on checkouts.  Good thing I can reserve books on all three kids' cards as well.

19. I hate breakfast, but could drool over the thought of overnight oatmeal.

20. I always knew I would adopt.

21. Peanut Butter and Chocolate are my favorite combination.  But right behind that is pumpkin and chocolate.

22. My earliest memory was around 4 years old.  We took a trip to Disneyland and the grandkids got to take turns sitting in the front seat.  I remember how excited I was when it was my turn.

23. My nightstand is overflowing with recent issues of Shape, My Utmost for His Highest, and black hair ties.

24.  I took piano lessons for years as a kid.  I haven't played much over the years, but it still comes back quickly.

25. History is my favorite subject to teach.  I didn't always enjoy it as a student, but now as the teacher, I love the look into real people in history.

26. I love keeping our Christmas cards as prayer reminder for friends and family.

27. Pumpkin Pie is my favorite ice cream flavor.

28. I'm addicted to spin class.

29. I love to cook, but make the world's worst mashed potatoes.

30. I gave up soda about 15 months ago.  Figured it wasn't help, only hurting.  But there are still days I'd love to have a Pepsi with some popcorn.

31. Disneyland is my happy place.

32. I just can't make myself eat sushi.  Having grown up eating fish, I've heard too often to make sure that the fish is cooked.  Old habits die hard.

33. I have two piercings in my ears, but no other piercings.

34. National and State Parks are some of my favorite places to be... peaceful... beautiful... perfect places to explore.

35. Once Upon a Time is my current favorite drama on television.

36. Wooden toys for the kids are my favorite gifts to give.

37. I hate puzzles.  My husband and kids love them, but I'm too impatient.

Hope you guys are having a great Halloween!  And we'll see you in November!

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