Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Summer Dessert Idea: Layered Strawberry Dessert

Summer is the perfect excuse for BBQ's and family parties.  Days are long and schedules are relaxed.  Families are traveling and the living is easy.  And there's always room for a little something sweet to finish off the night.

But if you're like me, you're craving something a little lighter than the typical chocolate cake or homemade pie.  This lightened dessert can be whipped together quickly and won't heat up your kitchen.  Plus, it has the sweet, sweet taste of summer.  A perfect addition to any evening.

Layered Strawberry Dessert

1 Sara Lee (or any brand) pound cake
2 small packages vanilla or lemon pudding
Fresh or pureed frozen strawberries
Cool Whip

So simple it's silly.

--Cube the pound cake and begin layering in 4 canning jars.

--Layer with prepared pudding, sliced strawberries, and cool whip.

--Continue layering, ending with a dollop of cool whip.

--Try to save some for everyone else!  :-)

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