Monday, May 23, 2016

Ashland, Or's Agave Restaurant

Once a year my husband and I plan a quick weekend away to relax, recharge, and reconnect.  It's usually a couple of days filled with sleeping, reading, seeing a play, and eating ridiculously good food.  When we went away in April, I was obsessed with capturing images of this good food to share with you.  And hopefully inspire you to check out some of our favorite restaurants in the little town of Ashland, Oregon.

This first place is called Agave and my husband and I heard rumors of this place about 4 years ago.  We had a friend suggest it to us, and unfortunately we drove all over town into the countryside to find it.  We failed miserably.  But when we went back the following year we stumbled upon it at the end of E Main St and were astonished by how affordable and delicious it really was.

Fast forward to this past April and we were again on the hunt for  lunch at Agave.  Imagine our disappointment when we wandered down E Main St only to find it wasn't there.  I almost went into a panic, wondering where I was going to find fresh, affordable tamales.  Luckily this time, it only took a little wandering to find their new location  just off E Main St on Granite St.

 photo DSC_0241_zpscx0ee52w.jpg

Agave's new location offers both indoor and outdoor seating with a larger dining room which we opted for on a chilly day.  The menu included so many wonderful options from soups and salads, to tacos and tamales.  It was hard to know what to choose.  I opted for the chicken and green chile tamale, while my husband chose one each of the grilled and fried fish tacos.

 photo DSC_0242_zpsz53joqdi.jpg

We were absolutely blown away by the freshness and flavor of our selections.  The tamale practically melted in my mouth.  The chile sauce had just the first amount of tartness and the masa was moist.  My husband couldn't stop talking about his tacos, even preferring the fried fish which isn't typically his taste.  Our waitress also brought us a house sauce to garnish our lunch.  This light sour mayo was tangy to the taste and accented the flavors perfectly.

Our experience at Agave was simply wonderful.  I can hardly wait to visit again and explore more options on their menu.  I'm sure it won't disappoint.  

Have you been to this area?
What were some of your favorite finds?

For more information: check out Agave's website here.

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