Wednesday, February 4, 2015

100th Day of School

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We celebrated the 100th Day of School last week.  Now before you think I'm super mom, let me show you just how low key, but absolutely fun our day was...

We started the morning by studying in our poetry unit.  We read Emma Dilemma the day before and studied some of the poems.  So on Friday, we started by creating our own poems about someone was have a dilemma with.  Who is someone in your own life that you have a love/hate relationship with?  Write about it!  Curiously enough, they both picked their brother to write about and that made for some funny conversation.  This might have actually turned into a therapy session for the kids.  :-)

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After morning break, I told them that they were off the hook for math and we made cookies instead.  Noah practiced his fractions by helping me half the recipe while Lydia and Josiah just practiced their listening skills with helping measure.

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While the cookies baked, the kids watched the first episode of Little House on the Prairie.  We've been studying the early pioneers to California and this was just a fun way to catch a glimpse of what their life was like.

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Lunch was Mac and Cheese (a rare treat in our house).  The kids were excited and truthfully so was I.

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While Noah went to Lego class at the charter, Lydia and I worked on vertebrates.  Tuesdays and Fridays are her favorite afternoons 'cause she loves science and I think she's really going to love this unit we're starting.

So all in all, our 100th Day of School was super low key.  We didn't have a huge party with lots of projects lined up.  Instead, it was a day to celebrate how far we've come this school year.  The kids have learned about borrowing and factions, mixed numbers and telling time, poetry, inference, lots of vocabulary, California missions and pioneers, World Explorers and Squanto, matter, soil, fossils, and so much more.  Our 100th Da of School was a change to take a breather and just enjoy being together.  And that's really what homeschooling is about after all!

How are you finding new ways to enjoy homeschooling lately?

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