Monday, November 24, 2014

A to Z Guide to Gratitude

Think you have nothing to be thankful for?  Struggling to find the good in your day?  Think again.  We have so much to be thankful for.  It's all about perspective and changing our focus.

Apples (or peaches, or watermelon)--Or whatever your favorite fruit is.  There's a huge variety out there and we're living in a time when so much is available.

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Best Friends--We all need someone to lean on.  Our best friends answer our phone calls when we're blubbering and ask where they can meet for coffee.  They are our support system that can get us through anything.

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Creativity--There's nothing like doing something creative.  What a bland world we would live in if no one was creative!  Books, music, art, theater... Creativity colors our world.

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Dinner--Having the ability to put dinner on the table is quite a thing to be thankful for.  How many people around the world are thankful for one meal.  Whether it's a steak or top ramen, having dinner is quite a blessing.

Encouragement--Encouragement from friends and family keeps us going.  Receiving encouragement is like a breath of fresh air.  It breaths life into our days and allows us to keep on the road of this crazy life.

Fresh starts--Every day is a fresh start, a new beginning for reinvention.  Fresh starts are around every corner.  They allow us learn, grow, reinvent, change...

Generations--Whether next door or far away, the generations of family are a blessing to our days.  We live in a society that values independence, but staying connected through the generations is a great support and wealth of information.

Hugs--There's nothing like a hug from my kids.   It's great for the heart, great for the body and great for the spirit.  And it feels good for both the giver and the receiver.

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Ice Cream-- Is there anything like ice cream to sweeten up your attitude?  And with more than 31 flavors, there's something every mood.

Jobs-- Yeah, we don't always love our jobs.  Sometimes we work with some difficult people.  But we have jobs; we have the means to pay the bills.  Having a job and taking pride in what we do is definitely something to be thankful for.

Kisses-- There's something so intimate about a kiss.  Whether shared with a spouse or loved one, it has an incredible way of connecting two individuals.

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Learning-- We have the capacity to learn and grow and experience new things.  Every moment is a learning experience and we have the mental capacity to take full advantage of it.

Memories--Even in the frustrating down times, we have memories to sustain us.  Most of us can think back to some point in our lives when we were happy or something was going right.  What a wonderful way to keep us going when things get tough.

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Nonesense-- All life needs a little nonsense.  A moments to let go and just be crazy... so stop taking life so seriously and fill it some nonsense.

Outdoors-- Just getting outside changes so much about our attitude.  Multiply that by taking a walk in the park, camping for the weekend, or kayaking on the lake.  We have a multitude of opportunities for getting outdoors and exploring creation.

Parents-- Some of us have great parents; some not so much.  But one thing is true, they gave us life.  And for those of us with better parents, we can be thankful for so many things they've taught us and how they continue to support us in our day to day lives.

Quiet--  Quiet can be lonely, but it can also be refreshing.  Our lives need some quiet and rest to refresh, recharge.  Quiet is a gift for stilling our bodies and reconnecting with ourselves and the Lord.

Reading-- The ability to read opens up worlds of opportunity for all of us.  If you can read, you can explore, grow, learn, discover.  Reading helps us grow professionally, personally, and spiritually.  It's a way to use our imaginations and creates a dialogue between the author and the reader.

Sunrises/Sunsets-- They come every day with complete consistency.  The sun rises and the sun sets. Some are soft and others are flashy and spectacular.  They are the bookmarks to our day, reminding us to be quiet and soak in something special.

Time--  Time is a gift.  We have this moment to connect, to reach out, to make a difference.  We can't go back and redeem the time from yesterday.  But we can use this moment.  Time is something that doesn't cost us, but can create a world of difference.

Uniqueness-- Can you imagine how boring the world would be if we were all the the same?  Our uniqueness, creativity, personality, way of thinking, is something to be celebrated.  We all have something to bring to the table and it greats this incredible, colorful world.

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Vegetables-- I am very thankful for a world with such a variety of vegetables.  Cucumber, carrots, tomatoes, bell pepper... I can't imagine a whole without the color and variety we have been blessed with.  And each one is a blessing to our bodies and health.

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Water-- Speaking of blessings, water is right up there on the top of my list.  Living through this drought and realizing just how precious what is, has heightened our awareness of how much we need to value it.

Xylophone-- Why?  'Cause there's not a whole lot that starts with X.  But even when there doesn't seem to be much to be thankful for, there's always something.  Like Xylophones.

You-- You are uniquely you and you should be celebrated.  There is no one else in the world like you.  You have your own thoughts, experiences, ideas and visions that make you a gift to the world and you are truly something to be thankful for.

Zoo-- We love zoos.  There are so many animals in one place to discover and learn about.  Where else can you go to see a polar bear and then a lion?  Zoos offer to much in the way of experiences for all of us and a good one is quite a treasure.

So what about you?
What do you have to be thankful for?

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Princessnorm said...

Great list! I may have my boys work on a list like this for reflection this week :) #blogma

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