Friday, June 27, 2014

2014 June Bookmarks

*Bookmarks is an online book club hosted at Creative2xmom. Here we discuss the books we've read in the past month as well as the suggested reading. Our suggested reading for June was Culture of Honor by Danny Silk.

These are the books I read this month:

Someday, Someday, Maybe by Lauren Graham--  This was a light read, one completely out of my typical genre.  But Graham's voice is strong and compelling.  Her main character is a straggling actress, not only struggling in her profession, but struggling to find herself... her boundaries, her goals, and ultimately who she wants to be.  If you can handle some little sexual innuendo, it's a fun read and a light summer story.

Face to Face with Jesus by Samaa Habib-- See my review here.

The Spirit of Adoption by Randy and Kelsy Bohlender--  Think you can't adopt?  Think you can't do anything about the global adoption crisis?  Think it's a bigger problem and you can't make a dent in it?  Think again.  The Spirit of Adoption eliminates our excuses.  It reminds us that all of us have a part in solving this problem.  Even if we aren't the ones adopting, we can support adoptive families and the orphan care problem in so many aspects.  Written by a couple that has adopted 6 children, The Spirit of Adoption reminds us that orphan care if something that we're all called to.

Ragweed by Avi--This wasn't my favorite read with the kids.  In fact, about a third of the way through the book, I wanted to quit, but we pushed through.  The story of a country mouse visiting the big city and making new friends was an endearing one.  But the slang language made it next to impossible to get through.  For me, reading is one of the tools I use to help my kids learn the flow and cadence of language.  The slang in this one was disruptive and frustrating.  I'd skip this one next time.

Our suggested reading for May was Culture of Honor by Danny Silk--  I've got some mixed reviews on this one.  For one thing, I really appreciate the fact that Silk brought back the idea of apostles and prophets playing a role in the church, especially in setting the vision of the church in partnership with pastors and staff.  Silk's insight in to "The Wealth Mindset" was also interesting and made me question how I live my life... what is my view of the Lord and how is that inhibiting or enabling my future?  On the other hand, so much of this book has to be balanced with what we know about pastors and teachers.  As one review commented, Silk can seems disrespectful of pastors.  But upon further reflection so much has been written on the role of pastors.  So taking this book as the whole is dangerous, but balancing it with what we already know about church roles makes it an important piece of the puzzle.  I'd be lying if I said I completely understood this book.  I'm still processing it and really would love to re-read Culture of Honor.  What were your impressions?

So what are your bookmarks this month?

Tell us in the comments about the books you're chewing on. Or link up a review from your own blog. Let's share the books we're finding, good and bad. And give us your thoughts on Culture of Honor by Danny Silk.

And join us for our next bookmarks post coming July 25th as we discuss Sacred Parenting by Gary Thomas.

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