Monday, March 24, 2014

Preparing ahead for Sunday Mornings

Is it just me or do Sunday feel like the craziest part of a Mama's week?  The kids are want pancakes, the baby is trying to play in the mud in his dress clothes, and Mama's just not sure what to wear.  Hurry, load the car.  Hurry, get to church. Wait, we've actually made it for worship this week.  Listen to the message. Hurry home with starving kids.  Throw some peanut butter and jelly sandwiches at them.  Wait did you invite friends over for lunch?  Mama completely forgot.  Run to the store for supplies... and it's not even 1pm yet.

Sound familiar?

It really sounds all too familiar in my life.  And I want better.  I know it won't be perfection.  But I know with a plan, Sundays can be better.  Richer... deeper... relational.  So what's my plan?  It's imperfect, a work in progress, but it's mine.  And pray fully, well, here we go:


Spend some time praying for your children: that they would sing with their hearts, that they would hear the words of their teachers, that they would minister to those around them.

Pray for your pastor: that he would hear the Lord in his preparation, that his family would be healthy, and that stress would be relieved as he serves others.

Pray for your friends: that they would have an easier morning getting there, that their kids would be healthy, and that there would be no car trouble.

Also remember to pray for your church body in ways that they mentioned the previous Sunday.  Don't make praying for them a one time deal, but rather pray for them throughout the week.

Prepare your home

Plan Sunday meals on Saturday.  Do you need to start anything the night before or on Sunday morning?  Do you have items for a quick Sunday lunch afternoon when everyone's hungry?  Or enough in case you invite company?  I always seem to need bread on Sundays so pick that up on Saturday instead.

Do you need gas in the car?  Go top off the tank so you aren't late on Sunday morning.

Lay out all clothing the night before.  Including your own.  I'm notorious for not knowing what to wear Sunday morning.  This keeps me focused.  Don't forget the little things, even down to the socks and shoes

Pack the diaper bag.  Sometimes I'll even throw it in the van the night before.

Preparing your heart

Review the message before, or if you know the topic of the coming week, spend some time reviewing the next set of Scriptures

Keep the TV off on Sunday mornings.  Turn on some worship music instead.

Pray with your husband on the way to church.  Getting out the door can be crazy.  Make sure you're on the same page and cheering for the best in each other.  A quick kiss won't hurt either.

Arrive early to greet and encourage friends and others.


Ask your kids what they learned that day.

Ask others what they thought of the service and how you can be praying for them.

Pray about what the Lord would teach you through what you've heard and who you can share it with to keep you accountable.

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