Tuesday, September 17, 2013

For Every Season {Review}

In Book #3 of the Amish Vines and Orchards series, Rhoda, Jacob, and Samuel are caught in a triangle of secrets, money, and love.  With trouble between the two brothers, Rhoda moves in with kind neighbors while still trying to build a successful business.  But still there, the voice and visions persist.  What are they trying to tell her about Camilla's past?  And will she trust the Lord enough to share what's on her heart?

As for the brothers can they overcome their love for the same woman?  Rhoda and Jacob carry on, trying to rebuild their fragile love, while Samuel does his best to stay out of their way.  But why is it that Samuel seems to always be in the wrong place at the wrong time?  And why can't Jacob and Rhoda open up to each other?

Woodsmall continues her gripping series around this love triangle that continues to become more and more complicated.  With both families invested in making this settlement work, they must come together or risk loosing it all.  And with both brothers in love with Rhoda, what will it take?

As book #3 in the series, Woodsmall continues to craft characters that draw the reader in, despite their faults.  Rather they become more believable and endearing.  If anything I found myself pulling for these characters, hoping they'd find peace in their journey.  While Book #2 can stand alone, Book #3 is best read in sequence.  And with six months until the next installment in the series, you can be sure I'll be waiting anxiously to learn the future of Rhoda, Jacob, Samuel, and all the other characters we've grown to love.

*Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book for review.  All opinions are my own.

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