Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Share the Joy: A Dayspring {Review}

Christmas is full of mixed emotions.

Gotta get the gift.
Gotta wrap the presents.
Gotta cut the tree.  ....
Wait... take a deep breath... cherish the moment.

Did you do it?  Great!

Back to the crazy!
Rush to the store.
Bake the cookies.
Don't forget to stuff the stocking!

Wait... close your eyes...
Slow down in prayer.

Check that one off?

How easily we can forget what the Christmas season is really about.  Even as we try to slow down, ... even as we try to embrace the moment, we can become quickly caught up in the "wrappings" of this world.

I think the last 5 days have caused us all to slow down and remember what's most important.  Remembering that it's not about another gift under the tree, but the people we'll share Christmas Eve with, Christmas morning, and even into 2013.  While happiness can be fleeting, true Joy is steadfast and our only hope.

When I first agreed to review Dayspring's Apron from it's Redeemed line, I saw a cute Christmas apron for making Molasses cookies and playing with the kids.  But now "Sharing the Joy" is laced with urgency and reminds me of how fleeting our moments are.

Along with this beautiful apron, Dayspring also send me a tabletop devotional calendar for the month of December.  While I'm not one for tabletop decorations (competes too much with my paper piles), I've come to appreciate this one.  The sentiments and questions have been great for discussion at dinner.  While they're relevant to my husband and I, they are as equally accessible to our three small children.  And I have been blessed by the conversation this devotional has inspired.

*Disclaimer: Dayspring sent me these two items free of charge for review.  All opinions are my own.

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