Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Homemade Christmas: Rapunzel Hair Clips

If you have a girly girl or Princess fan on your Christmas list this year, you're going to want to work on some of these Rapunzel Hair clips.  Easy, inexpensive, and adorable, I've been pinning them in my daughter's hair for a couple of month now.  And I couldn't be happier with the way they turned out!

Rapunzel Hair Clips:
Purple felt
Green felt
Hair clips
Purple/Pink ribbon
Hair clips

1. Cut a small circle of felt.  We're making Rapunzel clips so I wanted purple or pink.  My circle was about the size of a half dollar.

2. Cut the circle in a spiral starting at the edge and working your way to the middle.

3. Wind the spiral into a rosette, working backwards.  So take the edge end and make that the middle of your rosette.  The outside of the rosette should be the middle of the circle.

4. Glue a small piece of felt on the bottom to keep your rosette from unwinding.

5. Cut two green leaves to your liking and glue to the back of your rosette.  Cut two pieces of ribbon and glue as well.

6. Glue a small clip to the back of everything.

7. Allow glue to dry and you're set!  I love the way these came out and hope they give you some inspiration too! 

What are you Crafting for the Holidays?

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