Wednesday, October 10, 2012

31 Days of Autumn Inspiration: Do Something Unexpected

I like to consider myself a pretty healthy mom.  I workout several days a week.  I play with the kids daily.  I plan our meals to reflect a healthy balance (despite the appearance of Carmel Apple Cheesecake Bars and Homemade Key Lime Ice Cream on the menu).  Yeah, if you asked me in my daily life, I'd say, "Sure.  I'm a pretty healthy mom."

Which means donuts?  Yep, strictly forbidden in my house.  Not just because they aren't healthy enough to make the approved breakfast list, but also because if they did show up in our house, I'd probably be the one to eat them all.  Yeah, I might be a healthy mom, but I have my weaknesses too.  And donuts?  Those are a HUGE weakness.

So when my son when to spend the night at a friend's house this past weekend, I told my daughter I'd make her a special breakfast on Sunday morning.  Just me and her (and the baby of course).  What did she want?  Blueberry coffee cake?  Pumpkin Pie Oatmeal? (I really am a healthy mom.  I swear)

I was ready to give her the world.  And what is my daughter's reply?


Yep, those tasty little treats I never let in my home no matter how loudly they scream at me.

Now an interesting little bit of trivia.  When my mom comes to visit, she lets me sleep in at least one morning and takes the kids to the corner donut shop.  I pretend to sleep through it because... well... they're occupied, fed and letting me sleep in.  So Grandma gets to be fun and Mommy is can pretend that no one should ever eat donuts.

Well, now here's my little 4 year old daughter asking for donuts and what was I to do?

Sunday morning Mama got up early, got dressed, and threw the kids in the car in their jammies.  A maple bar, a sprinkle donut, a chocolate donut, and $2.55 later, we had our donut breakfast.  My daughter couldn't believe Mama really gave in and took her to the corner donut shop.  Where was the healthy mom that always says, "No donuts?"  Had Mama completely lost her mind?

Well, Mama had just decided it was time to do something unexpected.  Something different.  Something so completely out of character that it just might turn an ordinary day into an extrodinary moment.  You see, I don't just want my kids to be healthy.  I also want them to enjoy.  Soak up the time we have together and savor.  Relax.  Know that tomorrow's problems will be solved tomorrow and that today is for enjoying.  

So get out there and do something unexpected!  Buy flowers for your daughter.  Bake together after dinner.  Take a detour on the way home to see the changing leaves.  Throw the schedule out the window for the day.  Relax and breathe!

Or maybe just run down to the corner donut shop and buy a maple bar.  You never know what could happen.

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